Building Information Modeling A New Approach to Project Success

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Develop guidelines and modeling regulations

The specialized section of compiling the instructions and regulations of the Great Iranian Structural Engineering Company has guided various publications and instructions in order to standardize the category of building information modeling, and it can be acknowledged that it is one of the few specialized companies in this field and one of the services of senior consultants. Compiler of publications and regulations in Iran.


Implementing organizational maturity based on BIM

The company has increased organizational maturity through scientific approach and application of knowledge along with insight in projects by compiling strategic strategic documents and related organizational processes. Automation and agility are possible through organizational management, and this management occurs at organizational maturity.

مدل سه بعدی بیم

Implement building information modeling

Large Iranian Structural Engineering Company with a lot of experience in providing specialized services in the field of project management and control, has provided specialized services “Building Information Modeling” (BIM). And relevant information in the form of a shared resource helps stakeholders make decisions throughout the project life cycle.

BIM Dimensions


3D modeling with BIM Based software is the starting point for building information modeling


Information and its flow rate is the most fundamental difference between BIM and modeling. To achieve BIM, appropriate information must be mounted on a three-dimensional platform and workflow must be defined.


Connect scheduling to BIM, graphically display scheduling, reduce data transfer time, and model workflows


Connecting budget and cost to the created model along with displaying resource consumption


Show and move in a building that has not yet been built. Advertising, sales of stakeholder satisfaction and… are among the benefits of illustration

Repair and maintenance

Maintenance by BIM information model with software development