BIM vision

Our mission

Large Iranian Structural Engineering Company, along with its specialty-based collections, including Bayabim Technology Development Engineering Company, intends to prepare, compile and implement the latest methods in the world in integrated project management (throughout the project life cycle) to increase the quality of construction and Maintenance along with reducing the time and cost of all projects. And the above executive should use all its facilities to serve the country’s industry, especially the construction industry (industrial, commercial, residential, medical services, etc.). It can also achieve a strong and well-known position in the country and abroad by creating transparency and building trust in the customer community and providing pure services.

BIM Mission

Our vision

Our vision is to become a leading, constructive and reference company to meet the management and technical needs of engineering in the field of construction in all sectors, including residential, industrial, office and commercial, which after being recognized in the country Step into the international arena and be recognized as an international company. Our goal is to recognize the company as a leader in the proper use of modern technology infrastructure and the use of new technology and construction methods. New in integrated management and technical and engineering activities in construction.

BIM Value

Our organizational values

  • Customer focus and attention to customer needs throughout the project life cycle
  • Use of specialized, elite and talented forces, result-oriented and with high scientific and executive power
  • Creating a suitable environment and observing professional principles in job security of personnel
  • Adherence to technical and engineering standards and standards, and preparation and compilation of instructions and regulations, investment contracts based on the building information modeling method (BIM)
  • Observance of professional engineering ethics
  • Fulfillment of obligations in line with the principles of customer orientation

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